Automotive Services

We have recently upgraded our machinery to allow us to cut and program nearly all automotive vehicles.  This has been a much needed service in the Mid North.  Our machinery allows us to read worn keys, cut keys to code and duplicate them from an original key.

Our dealerships here were required to send their keys to the city to have cut and sent back.  This could sometimes take to over a week.  Now we provide a same day service keeping not only the dealerships happy, but their customers who are purchasing a vehicle.  

We also offer an after market alternative for additional vehicle keys.  While our keys may not have buttons on them to operate the central locking on cars, they will however gain entry to the vehicle and start the engine to be a fully operational, SPARE key.

Repair & Replace Holden Ignitions
We have VN - VZ Holden ignitions with us for those times when they are needed for replacing.  Over time ignitions will jam up or the opposite, become free when the spindle snaps. We can provide these ignitions and key them to your operating key.  If your key is worn, we can cut a new one to code if needed.
Transponder Chip Keys

We now have the ability to cut and program keys to almost all vehicles.

While the key may not be original, it is a cheaper alternative for a spare operational key which will start the vehicle.  We also work with local dealerships with cutting keys to code for new vehicles.