• Lee Raynor

Sometimes it's better the devil you know.

We had a customer who had a mortice lock installed on a sliding door.

I have never heard of this brand before but the fact remained it was a handed lock. By handing we mean that the locking function is on one side of the lock only and this particular lock was the incorrect one. When our customer tried to lock the door, it locked them in rather than keep people out. Not very secure for a cash office door.

Never the less we were asked to replace all components of this lock and we used the trusted brand Lockwood. Most Lockwood mortice locks have the ability to not only change what function the lock plays but also change the handing of the lock so either side can be the egress or locking side.

As we can see in the photo's, it still looks so much cleaner than before and with the large lever pull handles on the door, makes life easier with opening and closing for the cash ladies.

Before photo internal.

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