• Lee Raynor

Keeping up with the times.

Keeping up with technology is without a doubt a challenge as it changes from year to year. Access control is always developing and the need to maintain trends is demanding and can be somewhat costly to begin with. We have always had Restricted Key Systems as our primary access control method but now we are evolving into wireless access control.

We will begin rolling out SALTO, a Wireless real-time access control system.

SALTO solutions are in use around the world in educational environments, including universities, university housing, schools, research institutes, academies, kindergartens & elementary schools and are also in use around the world in healthcare environments such as hospitals & clinics, elderly homes and assisted living, doctor/dentist offices, home care, social centres and group housing.

SALTO AMOK electronic escutcheons have a built-in card reader on the inner escutcheon. This inner reader enables users to activate the AMOK function mode in order to lockdown a room quickly. Only authorized users with AMOK privileges on their access plan can activate it. Perfect control for schools or government applications.

Keep on the look out for our release. We will be only too happy to show you how the SALTO system can work for you.

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