Residential Services

No job is too big or too small when it comes to securing your biggest investment.  When buying a new home, do you know how many keys have been made and who has them?  A good idea is to have the house re-keyed to give you peace of mind knowing that the previous tenants or owners keys will no longer operate.


Most insurance companies now require deadbolts or deadlocks to be fitted to all external doors.  The same with goes for window locks.  We can provide a full house re-key with a single key to operate all door locks on the property.  Be it a tool shed, Man Cave or pool pump shed.  We can ensure that one house key is all you need on your key ring to open the locks on your property.

If you have been broken into, we can provide insurance work to have you secured as fast as possible.  We use local and reliable 

sub-contractors should extra work be required and will bill directly to your insurance company saving you the time of submitting details.  Speak with your insurance company first to confirm who you would like to perform the work.

House Lockout

Fast, reliable service to get you back into your house should you ever be locked out.

Garage Locks

We can replace most current garage door locks.  Roller door, sliding door or PA door.  We can provide new locks to suit and even have them keyed to your house key.

Locks Change/Repair

We can replace or repair most locks currently on the market.  If we can't, we'll find an alternative method to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Duplicate Keys

Duplication of keys is an integral part of Locksmithing to get right first time.

How many times have you visited a hardware store and had your keys cut only to get home and find out they don't work?  We ensure we calibrate our duplicating machinery correctly to get the best outcome first time.

Rekey/ Master key

Too many keys for the one property? We can key alike all locks on the premises to the one key.  

We create and install Master Key systems for all applications.  Be it a School, Hospital, Council or Business, we can meet and exceed your requirements.

Non-Destructive Entry

Quite often we get asked "Is the lock still usable" after we gain entry to a property.  When we pick a lock open it is as if the correct key has been used to open the door.  

Every effort is made to gain entry without having to destroy a cylinder.

A Raynorshine Locksmith is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

Most Insurance companies now require all external doors to have deadbolts or dead locks fitted and all windows to have lockable locks.  Call, email or message us on our Facebook page for more information on how we can help.

Screen & Garage Door Locks

There's no limit to what Residential locks can be keyed alike. From screen door locks to garage and shed door locks. 

We have a solution to ensure all your residential locks can be operated by one key only.